Hey everyone Jer here, one of the proud owners of AvalonRSPS! It has been truly amazing having you all alpha/beta test the game but it’s time for the official release! Now for those players who put in the long hours and helped with the testing and bug findings you will be rewarded for your work! I want to thank each and everyone one that was patient and waited on us to complete the alpha/beta stage testing! I also want to thank Jhin and Kaios the other leaders for their hard work and constant grind to make this game near perfect! I want to let you all know that AvalonRSPS will have a lot of new features. Some of those features are, Weekly Events, Double XP on the weekend, Guild System, Ranking System, Summoner, Daily Events, Bosses, and more! I hope you all find yourselves at home in Avalon and remember that this is where Kings and Queens are made! Enjoy your time in Avalon!

Last Updated: 1/1/2021