AvalonRSPS February 2021-Early March 2021 Roadmap

Below are the plans we have for AvalonRSPS over the next few weeks!

1. Review bug list section and complete any lingering bugs.

2. Balancing existing bosses
-We’ve noticed bosses give constant debuffs that make the fight a bit too difficult. Therefore, we will be adding them onto the same weakness system as General Graardor to prevent players from being infinitely stacked by boss weakeness debuffs.

3. Dungeoneering skill release
Dungeoneering on AvalonRSPS will be completely different than previous dungeoneering experiences. Our goal for dungeoneering on AvalonRSPS is to provide players with a skill that pushes them towards an end-game goal & tons of more content, while training the skill. Players will be able to venture through AvalonRSPS and find various entrances to dungeons that they can venture to obtain new weapons, morphs, armor, tools, pets, and more. Players may enter the dungeon solo or create a guild party to navigate through the dungeon, but beware of the boss(es) you will have to face at the end of the dungeon!

Dungeoneering bosses and creatures will have strong resistances to weapons that cannot be found in dungeons. Players will need powerful items that are obtained outside dungeoneering to deal a great amount of damage to monsters and bosses in dungeoneering dungeons. However, the first dungeon released will be an exception.

4. Create more morphs for players to obtain
Morphing into NPCs is one of the main features of AvalonRSPS and we want to increase the total amount of NPCs players can morph into. The first NPCs to receive morphs in-game will be the barrow brothers (Karil, Verac, Dharok, Ahrim, Torag, and Guthan).

Karil’s morph kit will be focused around high dps.
Verac’s morph kit will be focused on creating weaknesses in the enemy’s defense.
Dharok’s morph kit will be focused on risk/reward and contain an execute.
Ahrim’s morph kit will be focused on curses that afflict overtime damage.
Torag’s morph kit will be focused on sapping the enemy’s strength/defense to empower his abilities and defense.
Guthan’s morph kit will be focused on healing and regeneration out of combat.

5. Introduce npc catching, soul combining, and mutations to AvalonRSPS.
AvalonRSPS is heavily inspired by our enjoyment of the Arthurian era and gaming experiences in League of Legends, Ark Survival Evolved, and other games. We want to bring eye catching elements from those games into the RSPS scene by implementing them into AvalonRSPS. Since morphing has already been implemented, we will implement Ark’s taming & breeding into AvalonRSPS.

Players will be able to craft items required to perform their task in capturing an NPC. Players will only be able to capture one NPC at a time without Avalon’s Membership. With Avalon’s membership players will be able to capture up to 5 NPCs at a given time. Membership will not affect any stats the NPC has when captured. The capture of the monster will
be based on the level at which you began the capture process. Players must then wait until the capture process reaches 100% to add the NPC to your pool of captured npc’s. Free members will be able to capture up to 100 NPCs, while members will be able to capture up to 300 NPCs. The captured monster’s stats will be randomly assigned based on it’s
level on capture.

Soul Combining:
At some point, players will capture NPCs with stats they wish you had on one NPC. Through soul combining, players will be able to mix stats between two captured npcs of the same kind to try creating a stronger version of your captured NPCs. NPCs will only be able to perform soul combining once every 4 hours.

There will be a low chance that the monster can gain mutations in stats during the soul combining process. These can be negative or positive effects. It will all be random.

Captured NPC leveling:
Captured npcs can aid you in combat and gain experience based off the damage they deal. Captured NPCs will only be able to level up, from their current level after the soul combining process, 74 times. Players will be able to choose what stats (Health, Stab/crush/slash/magic/range defense & offense) receive an increase each time they level.

We hope you are excited for this first roadmap and we will be working hard to get these into the game soon!